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The Quest for Self Care

The Quest for Self Care

The party enters the apothecary, the sign above the door reads "GeekyCleanDice, The Quest For Self Care." as they step inside, the smell of various fragrances fills their nostrils.

The decor of the shop is a mix of old-world apothecary and fantasy, with shelves lined with potion bottles and vials filled with colorful liquids.

Dried herbs hang from the ceiling, and a small cauldron sits in the corner, giving off a faint glow of purple light.

The witch running the shop greets them warmly, "Welcome to my apothecary! I am the owner of GeekyClean. How can I assist you today?" As they look around the shop, the party sees an elf carefully measuring ingredients and mixing them in a large bowl, creating the bath bombs. A giff, a big creature with hippo-like features, is busy packaging boxes filled with colourful packing peanuts and bath bombs.

The witch leads them to a shelf filled with different scented bath bombs, "We have a variety of fragrances to choose from, such as mango, papaya and peach. Each bath bomb also comes with a set of dice inside, perfect for your next gaming session." As they continue to browse, they notice a small purple dragon curled up in a corner, its chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm. "That's my familiar " the witch says with a smile. "They help me with the potion-making." The party can't decide which bath bomb to choose, so the witch suggests they smell a sample of each scent. 

As they leave the apothecary, their arms filled with bags, and their senses filled with the aroma of the bath bombs, they know they will be back for more. The visit to the apothecary was not just about finding potions but also about finding a new way to enjoy the game with friends and family, with the added bonus of having a relaxing bath time, the new Geekyclean was a place where the fantasy and reality collided in the most pleasant way.

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