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Dragon Attack on GeekyClean!! : How a Witch and Her Party Saved the Day

Dragon Attack on GeekyClean!! : How a Witch and Her Party Saved the Day

The town was bustling with activity as the sun began to set, casting an orange glow over the buildings. As the witch with purple hair locked up The GeekyClean Apothecary shop for the night, she couldn't help but notice an eerie silence hanging in the air. Suddenly, a loud roar echoed through the streets, causing her to drop her keys.

Looking up, she saw four massive dragons in the sky, each a different color - red, white, green, and black. The dragons swooped down, their massive wings creating gusts of wind that knocked over market stalls and sent people running for cover.

The witch's heart raced as she realized that her shop was directly in the path of the dragons' attack. Without hesitation, she grabbed her purple dragon familiar and ran inside her shop, locking the door behind her.

As the dragons landed in the town square, flames and ice shot from their mouths, destroying buildings and setting fires everywhere. The witch could hear screams and cries for help outside, but knew that she couldn't leave her shop unattended. She had to protect her precious bath bombs and potions that would be needed after the attack, which were made with rare fragrances that she had collected from all over the world.

Just as the witch thought that all was lost, she heard a loud banging on her door. It was the party of adventurers that she had met in the tavern earlier that day. The witch had struck up a conversation with them, and had mentioned that her shop was nearby.

"Let us in!" the party shouted. "We'll help you defend your shop!"

Without hesitation, the witch unlocked the door and let the party inside. They barricaded the windows and escorted villagers inside while they prepared for the worst. The dragons were getting closer and closer, their massive bodies casting long shadows on the walls of the shop.

As a dragon landed on the roof of the shop, the party sprang into action. The witch used her potions and her dragon familiar to help protect the shop, while the party fought off the other dragons with swords and magic spells.

The battle was intense, but in the end, the party emerged victorious. The dragons flew off into the night, defeated and wounded. The town was left in ruins, but GeekyClean was still standing, thanks to the bravery of the party.

As the chaos of the dragon attack settled and the party had successfully driven off the beasts, the witch with purple hair couldn't help but feel a glimmer of inspiration. The scents and sights of the battle had sparked an idea for a new line of bath bombs.

She had always loved experimenting with new fragrances, and the smoky, earthy aroma of dragon fire mixed with the sweet and floral notes of the nearby garden had given her a unique idea. As the party inspected the aftermath of the attack, the witch couldn't wait to return to her cauldrons and begin crafting the new bath bombs.

But first, she had to thank her rescuers. With a grateful smile, she approached the group and offered them a selection of her finest wares as a token of her appreciation. As they shared stories of the battle and discussed their next move, the witch couldn't help but feel grateful for the brave adventurers who had saved not only her shop, but the entire town.

As she watched them depart on their next adventure, the witch made a mental note to experiment with even more fragrances in her bath bombs. Who knew what inspiration the next adventure might bring?

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