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Dragon Attack on GeekyClean!! : How a Witch and Her Party Saved the Day
In this story, a witch with purple hair is closing up her apothecary shop when she witnesses a group of dragons attacking the town. In an effort to protect her shop and its valuable potions, she locks herself inside. However, with the help of a party of adventurers, the witch and her shop are saved from destruction. Inspired by the battle, the witch develops a new line of bath bombs with unique fragrances.
James' Pokémon tournament 12/2/23
James recently competed in a Pokémon Trading Card Game tournament held at Nerdbase in Battlesbridge, and placed 5th out of 16 players with his Sylv...
Dice Update: Little Moon Dicebomb dice
Updated dice for the little moon dicebomb.
GeekyClean Sub Box a History
Your Monthly Dungeons and Dragons Bath Bombs Adventure: As we embark on a journey to uncover the history of the GeekyClean DiceBomb Box! This magic...
The Quest for Self Care
The party enters the apothecary, the sign above the door reads "GeekyCleanDice, The Quest For Self Care." as they step inside, the smell of various...

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