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HERE IS WHAT WAS IN THE JULY, ALTER EGO CRATE!   Alter Ego Geekyclean Crate Barbara Gordon Candle- scented with peppermint,huckleberries and violet. Wade Wilson Wax Melt Brittle- Scented with cinnamon, nutmeg and maple sugar. Jean Grey Bubble Bar- scented with apricot and pear, crumble under running water. Princess Diana Soap- Scented with cotton candy, […]

Geekyclean Crate-Stars Above unboxing

WE’RE SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE WHAT WAS IN STARS ABOVE CRATE FOR APRIL! This crate was inspired by all things science fiction and space themed! From spaceships that zip across the sky the futuristic spaceships and even androids. 🚀GeekyClean Crate Unboxing-Stars Above🚀 💄Set phasers to stun(ning) Room Spray-scented with walnut, cocoa and ozone. 🌌Space Ship […]