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NPC Crate

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Ignite your Fandom Well met traveller and welcome to NPC Crate.

Your monthly quest reward sent straight to your mailbox, without any unexpected journeys, having to slay any dragons, roll any dice or seduce any fairy princes (although we do recommend at least a little adventure to keep things interesting now and again).

Quest reward: Three natural soy wax candles based around a monthly nerdy theme and an exclusive enamel pin fit for any dragons horde. You cannot alter your fate. However you can ride to meet it. 

November Theme-Magical Beasts

We’ve searched high and low across the world to bring you November’s Magical Beasts Crate so hide anything shiny, perfect your bow and maybe grab a pair of fire proof gloves as you’re about to release three magical beast candles and exclusive enamel pin (the only thing jewellery moles love more than diamonds). 

inspired by beasts, creatures, witches and wizards.

For details ingredient and allergen information, please email us. All products ship with full ingredient information.

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