Golden Dragon Egg Bath Bomb

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Bath Bomb

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Come weary traveler find out what the great golden dragon makes its nest from will it be bones, dice or even gold!?
Hidden among the treasures is a item way more valuable a golden dragon egg, the greatest and fiercest of dragons.
Steal one from the dragon hoard if you dare.

What did he promise you, a share of the treasure, as if it was his to give? I will not part with a single coin! Not one PIECE of it! My teeth are swords! My claws are spears! MY WINGS… ARE A HURRICANE!-Smaug The Hobbit J. R. R. Tolkien

The dragon egg bath bomb is fiery red/orange inside and is scented with musky dragons blood plus it is packed with enough eco glitter to satisfy even the greediest of dragons.
Caution: This bath bomb contains LOTS of gold glitter! (Don’t worry its safe to rinse away!)

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