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Unicorns Are Real Candle, Scrub and Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Inspired by Small Magical Ponies, These products are truly spectacular!
Includes 1 pink unicorn horn bath bomb, 1 unicorn breakfast candle and 1 unicorn poop sugar scrub.

1 x Unicorn Breakfast - Soy Wax Glass Candle

What do unicorns have for breakfast? We may never know but we sure had a good guess! This candle is scented with fruity top notes with added lemon and base notes for vanilla.(or fruit loops cereal) All our Candles are handmade to order and made if environmentally friendly soy wax, making them vegan and cruelty free. Using only soy wax means our candles have no harsh chemicals given off while they are being burnt. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of all our candles to ensure that your candle holds its fragrance right until the very end.


1 x Unicorn Poop Sugar Scrub

<p style="padding-left: 30px;">Lets face it, Unicorns are just down right awesome, because of that we decided why not wash with them!</p> Sadly a whole Unicorn was difficult to wash with, so instead we used just one part, its poop! Scented with Cotton Candy and Vanilla this oh so sweet sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth and you feeling magical!

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1 x Pink Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb - Inspired by Magical Ponies

Inspired by Small Magical Ponies, These Bath Bombs are truly spectacular! Scented with Raspberries they turn your bath a fantastic pink colour! GeekyClean take no responsibility for any magical powers or friendships gained from the use of this bath bomb!