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Beard Oil Bundle.

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Not sure which one of our beard oils you would prefer? Why not try them all!

With our Multi Pack of Beard oils you wont have to choose!

1 x Natural 20 Beard Oil

  You enter the Barbers, the propritior is standing in front of you, he asks "What do you want?", "Surprise me!" you reply. Roll 1xD20 NATURAL 20! You come out with your beard empowered and enchanted giving you +50 Charisma! Scented with Bourbon geranium and Musk.

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1 x Well Groomed Wizard Beard Oil

So, you're on your way to a 111th birthday and want something to freshen up and rejuvenate your beard? We have just the thing, with our Well Groomed Wizard beard oil give your beard a true magical Feel Scented with Black Pepper and Patchouli

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1 x "It's High Noon" Beard Oil

When you're ultimate ready beard needs a little pampering, It's High Noon will have it looking and feeling smooth and silky. Made with natural oils and 100% Vegan this beard oil really does give you Play of the Game. Scented with Patchouli and Orange

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