The Mystery of the Missing October GeekyClean Crate

Hello GeekyCleaners

You may have noticed there has been no GeekyClean Crate this month!

We are as disappointed as you, so we opened an investigation and it turns out that this month has been very busy for us!

October sees our busiest convention season with MCM London Comic Con at the end of the month we have been hard at work preparing for the show making sure we are fully stocked with our goodies.

As a result we took the decision to hold the box for this month to avoid any disappointment in not getting the crate out in time. We figure, rather than concentrate on too much and it not being amazing for you lets concentrate on making things perfect!

Fear not! The crate will return next month and be just as awesome as ever!

Thank you for your understanding, and hope to see lots of you at London Comic Con!

To make it up, have a look at our new product videos on YouTube!

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We are currently away at MCM London Comic Con! We look forward to seeing you all there! All orders will be processed on our return on 29/5/18 Dismiss