We mentioned in an old bog about our use of natural micas instead of plastic based glitters in all our products.



ITV have recently published an article on the use of children as young as 6 to mine mica in India in dangerous, hazardous and illegal conditions.
Cave ins are common as are death and injuries, we in no way want to purchase anything that may contribute to this!

Six-year-old Shamil Murmu breaks rocks to fill his bowl with the prized mineral. Credit: ITV News/Sean Swan


Here at Geekyclean we are always trying to work our way of being more environmentally friendly as well as upholding our vegan and cruelty free ways.

We under no circumstances want to support this industry by purchasing any micas that could have contributed to child labor.
Our supplier have assumed us that all micas we purchased have been made entirely in the EU sourced from Spain, the Netherlands and sometimes Germany.
All are reputable sources and not connected with Indian Mica mining in anyway,


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