Get a book party at your doorstep!
The Celebrate Books Box contains a new young adult title plus three to five gifts.
Celebrate Books is the first book box from the Netherlands and ships all over Europe.
We were lucky enough to work with them to create an exclusive bar so soap for January’s box, the theme was CINDER.

The cinder inspired soap was scented with sweet cherry blossom and colored with pink and blue sparkles.
Inpired by the novel Cinder by Marissa Meyer, a futurist rebelling of Cinderella with cyborgs and aliens!.

To reflect this the label artwork we created featured a high heel shoe to represent the glass slipper from Cinderella and the main characters robotic leg in the story. (The soap is named Lunar but telling why would be spoiling it!)

Here is the box with the book and all the other surprised inside!

If your interested in getting your own Celebrate books box you can sign up here http://www.celebratebooks.nl/nl/


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