The theme for march is myths & monsters great for fans of all that growl and grin!


We are working with Anissa again for marches fairyloot box, England’s most popular young adult book subscription box.Filled with 5 exclusive book inspired items and a great up and coming YA title.

we will be brining you a exclusive item made especially for fairyloot that you won’t be able to get anywhere else and it even smells awesome to.(of course)

We are so excited to reveal this box because it is our One Year Anniversary box! This means that there are a couple of super exciting features. Instead of our standard black box, our March box is going to be purple — yes, you read that right! This is a limited edition box that will only be available for this month, and it will also come with a special Anniversary Booklet, which will include the story of how we started FairyLoot, our journey (including first logo sketches), behind the scenes and photos!-FAIRYLOOT.COM

That’s right! This is a very special box that is going to be purple and going to feature the story of how fairyloot started.

plus this year celebration box will be purple, how cool is that!.

I haven’t known Anissa since the start of fairyloot but in the time I have known her its grown so much so I can’t wait to find out how it all began.

You can sign up here

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