Because its help over Easter bank holiday weekend every year that’s why!

Eastercon is something of enigma in the convention world.

Unlike normal conventions Eastercon is run a committee, every year the committee take bids for the next years eastercon.

The bids can be run by anyone and each bid is for a different location!

Eastercon is the name for the convention until that years bit has been accepted and they rename it for that year.

For example we’ve attended Eastercons before in London, Manchester and now Birmingham.

The convention itself is always very similar, held in a hotel with a large list of events and workshops to attend as well as signings, art show and guests.

Of course the dealers den is always present where you can load up on your years to be read pile with a host of indie publishers and self publishes novelists present.



The conventrion panals had something for everyone from sofa racing to real ale!

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