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UK Critter Pin-Seen on Talks Machina

UK Critter Pin-Seen on Talks Machina



If you’ve seen our tweets, Facebook posts or products you can probably guess we are massive fans of Critical Role, the online stream on nerdy ass voice actors who play dungeons and dragons.




The show sparked our love for D&D as well as inspired us to play and make things inspired by our games!


This weekend we were lucky enough to meet the cast of Critical Role while working at MCM London Comic Con.

Of course we had to bestow upon them the fabled UK critter pin, to officially initiate them into the UK critterdom.


The Critter pin has been spotted in group photos on both days of the convention and it even made an appearance on Talks Machina, the Critical Role talk show hosted by Brian W Foster.

So the question is have you got yours yet?

We have them now back up for PRE-ORDER for the next batch as well as a new USA CRITTER PIN.

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