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Things we love about Caleb Widowgast

Things we love about Caleb Widowgast

  • His sense of Deep Self Loathing - due to the circumstances of his Parents Death
  • His Book Holsters - Because... Well book holsters.
  • His love of Nott - Despite the clear difference in appearance and race not once is this an issue for Caleb who is happy to accept her for who she is
  • His methodical approach to situations - Every party needs one person who wont just run in or run away at a sign of danger
  • Frumpkin - The ethereal cat who is always by his side
  • His love of reading - because nothing is more beautiful than being lost in a book.

This is by no means a complete list, more just a start. Let us know in the comments what you love about your favourite hobo wizard!

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