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The life cycle of a GeekyClean Pin Badge

As many of you know, we at GeekyClean also do a range of enamel pin badges showcasing one of our many geeky loves, Dungeons and Dragons and Critical Role.

Steph (the creative genius here at GC HQ) put Pen to Paper or rather Stylus to Tablet and began doodling some ideas.

After a few attempts, we settled on our teardrop design, this was to mimic the style of a Map Pin used on online mapping software as the idea was for our pins to be location based!

We started with just one, the UK Critter Badge, we had requests from all over asking for individual countries and we would have loved to do them all, in the end we settled on a few plus our Pride Pin and production was in motion!


Once the artwork is tidied up on our end, its sent off to our manufacturer, this varies depending on the quantity we order and the designs etc. 

The manufacturer sends us back a digital proof, this includes list of the Pantone colours we would like to have our badges enamel to be.

It kinda looks like this.

This shows us the finished dimensions and the colours matched from our artwork, from here with either approve the artwork or make alterations and resubmit.

Die Creation

The way that enamel badges are made is similar to the way coins are struck.

First, the manufacturer takes our artwork and creates a 'Die' this is a tool that sits in a press and when a sheet of metal is passed under it, stamps out the shape of the badge and also the inner details to create the blank. If the badge also has a back design as ours do, this is done at the same time using a second die. 

The dies then produce the blanks ready to be plated in our chosen metal.


After striking (punching out the badges) the badges are cleaned and go to be plated. 

This can be in a variety of colours, ours are normally Gold but on our next run we have a special set of Rainbow plated winged D20. 

Once the plating is complete and checked we then go onto enamelling. 


This is where the colours are added.

There are 2 methods of enamelling, hard and soft. This is the final stage for soft enamel pins before they are finished. Hard enamel pins go through another process.


The other enamelling style is called Hard Enamelling.

These pins go through a further polishing process, this evens out the front of the pins and gives everything a flush finish.

Final Steps

The final stage is getting the pins ready for sale. For us, this means adding the pins to their backing cards and adding the pin backs onto them.

This gives us the final product ready to sell and deliver to fans around the world.

After that, its back to step one to start the whole process again.

From start to finish it takes us around 4 weeks from design approval to getting the pin badges into stock.

Thank you for reading! We hope this gave you a little insight to what goes on behind the scenes at GeekyClean!

GeekyClean Covid-19 Statement

We will continue to dispatch orders daily unless the postal service closes down.

As part of our good manufacturing practice we already clean and sanitise our equipment and surfaces between the manufacture of products and at the end of each day to prevent cross contamination across the different products we make. This includes cleaning surfaces and equipment, this is standard practice for GeekyClean and most cosmetic manufacturers as we already deal with products that can cause an allergic reaction we already maintain a very high level of cleanliness in our premises. As part of this we also always wear PPE Including Respirators, Gloves and Aprons to protect ourselves and as a result you as well while making products.

There may be a delay in getting orders out due to availability of materials but we are working as fast as we can to get all orders our in a timely manner.

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