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Product Retirement for 2019

Product Retirement for 2019

It's the end the year Thanos has clicked his fingers!

This year has seen a very successful year for us with loads of products being released. However the time has now come to put some of our loved products into retirement.

Don't fear! We have loads of products planned for 2020 so it will soon fill up again!

The following products are being retired for good:

  • Crystal Gem Soaps - Amethyst, Garnet and Pearl
  • Our Engraved Tankards - These will be back! 
  • Bath Tokens
  • All our Room Sprays - Due to the bottles not being ideal and bad to transport
  • Our Beard Oils - We are looking into an alternative so these should return later in the year
  • Blue Moon Bath Bombs
  • Bruce the Shark Bath Bomb
  • Candy Cane D20 Soap
  • Caticorn Sparkles Sugar Scrub
  • Cherry Bomb Bath Bomb
  • Christmas Hangover Shower Steamers
  • Coffee and Contemplation Sugar Scrub
  • Console Christmas Soaps
  • All our Foil Prints
  • Critmas Tree Soaps
  • Natural Scenty Dice Set Bath Bomb - Returning in 2020 in a new style
  • D20 Bardic inspiration with D20 Inside - Returning in 2020
  • D20 Thorn Whip Bath Bomb with D20 Inside - Returning in 2020
  • D20 Witch Bolt Bath Bomb with D20 Inside - Returning in 2020
  • Druid Craft Mini Dice Set Bath Bomb
  • Fae Fatal Bath Bomb
  • Pastel Unicorn Dice Set Bath Bomb
  • Hi Georgie Bath Bomb
  • Kaiju Blue Sugar Scrub
  • Kiki's Bakery Body Butter
  • Kodama Lip Balm
  • Next Gen Controller Bath Bomb
  • Nightwalker Bath Salts
  • No Face Face Mask
  • Persuasion Roll Mini Dice Set Bath Bomb
  • Now you're bathing in Portals
  • Roll for Initiative Mini Dice Set Bath Bomb
  • Spooks and Soaps Mini Soap Set
  • Sorting Bomb
  • Steam Shells Shower Steamers
  • Such a Flake Bath Bomb
  • Survival Check Bath Bomb
  • Sweater Weather Candle
  • The Dregs Bath Bomb
  • The Grinch's Gift Bath Bomb
  • The Not Cat - Returning 2020
  • Rainbomb
  • Totoro's Forrest Bath Melts


Thank you to everyone who purchased these products over the last year!

We hope you enjoy all we have planned for you in 2020!


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