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Our Pride Donation 2020

This Years charity is UK BlACK pRIDE!

This years charity choice has been particularly difficult for us to choose

Here at GeekyClean we are huge advocates of LGBTQ+ Rights as well as supporters of the Black Lives Matters Movement.

With everything going on in 2020 so far this years charity choice was harder than normal, but after much deliberation we have decided to donate the profits from our Roll with Pride Bath Bombs to UK Black Pride!

UK Black pride is a long standing charity supporting LGBTQ+ People of Colour and describe themselves as "EUROPE’S LARGEST CELEBRATION FOR AFRICAN, ASIAN, MIDDLE EASTERN, LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN-HERITAGE LGBTQ PEOPLE. "

We are proud to say our donation of £950 will be used to support not only LGBTQ+ People but also People of Colour.

Thank you to all those who purchased our Roll with Pride bath bombs to make this donation possible.

If you would like to support UK Black Pride you can donate here:

UPDATE 04/07/2020: Thanks to the extra bath bombs we found we have been able to donate a further £75!

This takes our total up to £1025! Thank you for helping us reach this goal!

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