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NPC Crate Launch

NPC Crate Launch

You may have noticed if you follow us on social media that recently here at Geeky Clean we’ve released a brand new product, the NPC Crate. Alongside Jemma from Fantastic Books and Where To Find Them we will be bringing you a new monthly box of nerdy goodness!

We did originally sell out fairly early on this month, we’ve been completely humbled and blown away and everyone’s enthusiasm and interest and have been receiving an overwhelming amount of interest in more of the July “For the Love of Books” boxes and we’re super pleased to tell you that due to popular demand we will be reopening sales of the July box for one more day only so don’t miss out on this last chance!

Here at Geeky Clean we thought this would be a good time to also answer a few common questions that pop up about The NPC Crate itself, if you have a question you don’t see here feel free to leave a comment or drop us an email.

What is NPC Crate?

NPC Crate is a box that will contain three 100ml soy wax candles poured by our free range nerds, an exclusive enamel pin fit for any dragons horde and unique bookmark , all based around a different theme every month.

Is this a subscription box?
In it’s essence yes, a new box will be available every month like your favorite sub boxes but unlike a subscription box it doesn’t roll over every month and you will need to purchase each month. We find this way easier to make sure you’re happy with each months theme.

What kind of themes will there be boxes on?
Like Geeky Clean we want to cover a range of fandoms that appeal to people, July’s box is “For the love of books” for example but there will likely be boxes themed around anime, tv shows, films, games and more.

Why is NPC Crate different from other monthly boxes?
The NPC crate contains three candles, an enamel pin and a bookmark every month with no fuss. We like to keep things simple so you know what you’re getting every month. The entire crate is plastic free and we use easy to recycle and biodegradable packaging throughout to do our part for the environment.

Why is the July box for sale in June and the August box for sale in July?
Supplies from candle jars to boxes, to tissue paper and wax, (not to mention the pin badges and bookmarks!) need to be ordered in advance so we will tend to have a set amount of boxes for sale each month this means that sadly, on occasion like this month we can run out (and we won’t be able to open up for slots) so it’s well worth getting your box ordered as early as possible. This is also the reason why we open up sales the month before the box is due to ship (usually on the day of or the day after the theme has been announced). The theme announcement for the August box will be on July 1st and sales will go live on that day or the next. You can follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

When will I receive my box?
We aim to have all of the July boxes shipped out by 15th July, if not sooner with any luck. This being our very first box there is a possibility of delay, this can be if an item doesn’t arrive in time or similar, hopefully any delays will be few and far between if any but rest assured we will announce any such updates on our Instagram, as of writing out July box is well on schedule.

I have an idea for a box! Would you like to know it?
We absolutely would! Although we have quite a few ideas already and future boxes are planned well in advance it’s always great to hear what kind of themes are customers enjoy and would like to see so let us know in the comments or tag us and let us know in your Instagram story.

Production is already under way and we can’t wait for everyone to start receiving their July boxes soon, it’s been so much fun designing this first box and putting everything together and we hope that you’ll enjoy it just as much as we have.

From the team at Geeky Clean / NPC Crate

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