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MCM Critter Comic Con

MCM Critter Comic Con

Critical role , is a live stream of the Roleplaying game dungeons and dragons played by a cast of nerdy ass voice actors Starring Travis Willingham, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brian , Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer.



Critical role popularity can be attributed to the fact that it at its heart, a group of friends playing D&D.

Having been fans of CR since running into kit bus (The artist of campaign one) at a previous comic con, we were very excited to see all the critters.(critical role fans!)at comic con.


Kit bus did the artwork for the show guide for comic con, you can see her artwork


The critter hug of doom was felt by everyone that attended it seemed like everyone other cosplayer or convention goer was showing some critter pride.

Of course our UK critter pins were a massive hit and not only did we give one to all the cast that attended but it seemed like every critter attending wanting one to!


The Cosplayers really pulled out all the embroidery thread this time and no comic con would be complete without a mention.


This amazing video by  86thfloor in Twitter features some amazing slow motion camera work of some great cosplayers!.


It seemed the the cast of Critical Role were as shocked as everyone else at the amount of fans that turned out to see them.



First Image @panteeaftw


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