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GeekyClean Reviews Sanctuary (Mild Spoilers Ahead)

GeekyClean Reviews Sanctuary (Mild Spoilers Ahead)



In a one word review of Sanctuary by V.V. James I can only say; Riveting.

I read this book cover to cover in a day as I couldn't put it down each chapter leaves you wanting more and wanting answers with twists and turns that leave you wanting more.

Sanctuary follows the story of Sarah Fenn the resident witch of Sanctuary her daughter Harper and her coven; Abigail, Bridget and Julia as well as their children; Daniel, Isobel and Beatriz.

When a tragic accident at a house party sees tragedy strike the small town of Sanctuary, the parents turn to the resident Witch and their friend Sarah for answers. 

Things get really interesting when an investigator from out of town comes to look into the situation in Sanctuary, accusations are thrown around of murder, with the finger squarely pointed at the Witches daughter Harper. 

On a mission to clear her daughters name, Sarah begins an investigation of her own, but with Harper often disappearing for days at a time, it only creates more work for Sarah who only wants to prove her daughters innocence.

Coupled with the entire town turning on Sarah and allegations against Daniel, the Quarterback of the Spartans, their school football team things start to get messy quickly.

The witch hunt is on. 

With her coven turned against her and no where to turn, Sarah tries to clear her daughters name all by herself, but things go wrong when a spell backfires on her causing an explosion at her workshop.

When the detective Maggie comes into town things don't get any easier, suspecting foul play, possibly of the magical kind, Maggie instructs a special magic investigator to investigate the scene. Their findings unfortunately only adds more questions to this already, tangled web.

As time goes on, we find out that all isn't sunshine and roses in Sanctuary, and not just for Sarah. 

Murder, Fire, Necromancy, Secrets and even accusations of Rape keeps you gripped, page after page not wanting to put it down.

Its rare that I refuse to put a book down, I thank my attention span for that, but this was an exception, a true masterpiece and very much a recommended read.


A few things that I liked about the book:

  • The chapter format - this just keeps you wanting to keep going and find out more leaving you wanting the next part
  • The Witchcraft - as you read through Sanctuary it is obvious just how much time and research that V.V. James has put into making sure that the spells, methods, and history of Witchcraft, including several different types of witchcraft from all over the world. The attention to detail is astounding and adds so much depth into the story.
  • The twists - Just as i thought I had everything sorted i my head, Vic throws another curve ball, and it just left me wanting to keep reading to find out more.

Thank you V.V. James for rekindling my love of reading and the paranormal, and I can't wait to read your next spellbinding creation.




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