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GeekyClean Restock Time - Find your local restock time

GeekyClean restock! Your Local Time!

Ever get confused as to when we restock? We know our customers are all over the world so we decided to make a handy dandy chart with all the time zones in and our restock time. Just find your timezone below and presto!

We restock every Sunday at 6PM GMT/BST (depending on our daylight savings time here in the UK) This means that the calculation should be the same regardless of the time of year.

Below is a list of the major timezones and the local times of the restock.

Country Timezone Time Day

UK GMT 18:00:00 Sunday

UK (British Summer Time) BST 18:00:00 Sunday

Central Europe CEST 21:00:00 Sunday

East Coast USA EDT 14:00:00 Sunday

Central USA CDT 13:00:00 Sunday

Central USA CST 12:00:00 Sunday

West Coast USA PDT 11:00:00 Sunday

New Zeland ANAT 06:00:00 Monday AM

Australia AEST 04:00:00 Monday AM

If you're timezone isn't listed, you can find your restock time here! 

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