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GeekyClean @ London Comic Con Part 2!

GeekyClean @ London Comic Con Part 2!

That's right! We will be at MCM London Comic Con at the Excel Centre this coming weekend! (Oct 26-28th) at stand S1110 in the South Hall (Nearest door is S4)!

We have a number of new goodies for you to come check out too! More than ever before!

Grab your con badge, brave the hordes and come see us to grab some of the following goodies!



Unarmed strike, Stunning Strike or Patient Defence.

If unarmed fighting is more your thing or you just want to be able to punch ghosts, the monk may be for you. Punch things into submission and even stop them in their tracks with an attack of opportunity. Fresh and Floral this soap is a must for any unarmed fighter. 

Fragrance: Cherry & Mimosa Flowers

Cast 'Bless'

Made with a sprinkling of Holy Water (gold eco glitter) this bar of soap not only cleans your body and soul, but also allows you to add 1d4 to your attack role or saving throw.

Fragrance: Vanilla & Peppermint.

Would you like to Rage?

Scented with the fresh sea breeze and coloured with the red mist of rage, this soap will bash and smash the dirt from your skin and leave you clean and smelling fresh.

Halves all damage taken.

Reckless? Great Weapon Master? You choose.

Fragrance: Fresh Sea Breeze.


This giant bath bomb hides inside a complete set of Dungeons and dragons dice.

The dice colours inside range from glitter, toxic, solid, neon and pearl coloured dice sets.
Each set is random with each bath bomb so you'll never get the same set twice.
Natural Scenty variant inspired by critters with signature critical Red that will fill your bath.

Fragrance: Cherry & Lime


We look forward to seeing you all there!

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