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GeekyClean hits UK Games Expo!

GeekyClean hits UK Games Expo!

On June 31st GeekyClean started its first day at UKGE 2019, once again we brought all our best tabletop and RPG themes products and they went down a treat!

 Full of companies big and small UKGE is a fantastic show to top up your board game collection, check out new and unreleased games as well as see what the indi game makers are up to with prototypes of games, some of which don’t even have a name yet!

Old favourites Catan were here too a classic game of resource management introducing a new generation to the game!

More board games than you can shake a dice roller at! There really is something for everyone here!


The surge begins with people grabbing their initial purchases of games that will sell out quickly!

Not just board games there is something for miniatures fans too! Loads of games, stand alone minis even paints and tools!


All in all this is a great show for all your table top needs. Even if your just getting into board games there are loads of opportunities sit down with skilled players and learn the ropes at pretty much any game!


So weather your a casual board game player of a hard core miniature fan, there is something for everyone at UK Games Expo at the NEC Birmingham.  

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