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GeekyClean @ Dragonmeet 2019

GeekyClean @ Dragonmeet 2019

What a day, after a very early start we made our way, with all our bath and body goodies drove into London Hammersmith and set up a in the Dragonmeet dealers hall at the Novotel London West.

Stocked with shampoo bars, and bath bombs and soaps we set up a beautiful display to show off our wares with for our first time at this show.

Geekyclean Stand


We spent the day selling our wares and also looking at all the cool stuff everyone else had and that the other sellers had there too!

There were so many shiny dice!

Dice 1dice 3dice 4


It was nearly impossible to choose!

The awesome people at Leisure games also had this beautiful copy of Tyranny of Dragons - one of the adventure books for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Just look at those beautiful dragons!

Finally our friends at Harps Corp have just started producing these awesome little numbers.

Each pack comes with a little acrylic 2d Mini, a full set of dice, a class pin badge to identify your class, a magic item card and a card to write down your HP Rolls on! We thought it was pretty awesome!

Our stuff was well received too! We got to meet customers who had purchased from us before as well as introduce our stuff to people who had never seen it before which is always nice!

We had loads of good feedback too!

We look forward to coming back next year with even more awesome stuff.


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