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Geeky Gift Guide For Dungeons & Dragons Fans

Geeky Gift Guide For Dungeons & Dragons Fans

A gift guide for D&D geeks
Looking for a gift for the bard who has everything? Need to find the rangers companion animal something to improve the smell? Or better yet trying to impress that NPC you’ve had your eye on for a while? Then check out our gift guide inspired by all things dungeons and dragons, and better  yet you won’t need to plunder a dragons hoard to afford gifts for every member of your party ( and even the Dungeon Master to!)
Lip Balms
Speak with animals-Mint Lip Balm

Our handmade lip balms are made with our own blend of lip loving oils and butters to keep your lips soft all day, speak with animals is flavoured with peppermint essential oil so it leaves a refreshing tingle on the lips and a pleasing minty flavour.
It’s not as good as being able to really speak with animals but we hope it will brighten the holiday season for any Druid or animal lover.
Vicious Mockery-Cola lip balm

If mint if not your style and you prefer something a bit sweeter we also have vicious mockery lip balm with a sweet cola flavour, as always made with our special vegan, oils and butter blend.
It counts towards your spell power if your using the vicious mockery spell and wearing the lip balm as well or so we are told.
Adventuring class soaps

We have a range of soaps to suit any class of adventurer quite literally we have 12 different scented and coloured soaps to suit all the base classes you might want to be.
We have wizards that smell like cinnamon, fighters that smell like fruit, rogues that smell like baby powder and clerics that smell like vanilla mint to mention but a few.
If your still can’t find a soap to suit you, why not shower in the blood of your enemies soap it might even calm the DM for future games or give them bad ideas...
 All our soaps are also vegan, SLS free and all kind to skin, they all come packaged in our travel tins so they are great for taking on adventures and of course they are plastic free to.
D20-bath bombs

Our first items inspired by dungeons and dragons the d20 dice bath bomb, each bath bomb has a  random D20 dice inside that you can use when playing D&D!
If you roll a natural 1 you may exit the bath dirtier than you entered you have been warned.
They come in a variety of scents and colours from the Witchbolt deep purple scented with mango and papaya to the apple and blackberry scented Thornwhip which will colour bath a vivid green.
Dice set bath bombs

These giant d20 dice shaped bath bombs are monsters at also 400 grams of bath bomb a piece, these are reserved for only the most brave at heart and those who own the biggest bath tubs.
Each bath bomb contains a set of 7 dice for use in dungeons and dragons and other role playing games, these are a great gift for anyone new to D&D as they will need dice or for those of you that like me collect as many dice as possible!
These dice come in several varieties our most popular being the signature bright red d20 with a random set of dice inside, there really is no way for us to know what set you’ll send up with.
For those that like to know what dice they are collecting we now have the Witchbolt d20 dice set that have a stunning set of purple sparkle galaxy dice inside and they do not disappoint.
Critical Hit soy wax candle

When you need those critical hits to kill that beholder then light one of our critical hit candles to bring your rolls some extra luck.
Our candles are made with natural soy wax and scented with freshly brewed coffee, a bonus for those late night sessions.
This gift is great to go along with any bath bomb to compliment your dungeons and dragon inspired bath time, if you prefer the scent without the flame we also make these in wax brittle for use in wax melters.

That concludes our gift guide for D&D fans let us know in the comments what one you would like to receive this holiday season?

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