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Stephanie Dodd

One of my main passions is crafting, a new giant hobby store opened locally in 2012 and i would go along weekly and try a new craft.
I eventually stumbled upon soap making, it was like mad science and then you could wash with it!
After making more soap than i can count and giving it to everyone i knew people started saying they loved it and wanted to buy some.
A large battle with cosmetic regulations ensued but i was finally able to sell my soaps, but i couldn’t just make normal boring soap oh no!
I had to make them a little different by infusing them with my love of pop culture and all things geeky.
For years I’ve been into conventions, pop culture, anime, manga, video games, books you name it I’ve probably seen it played it or heard of it!
At my first convention selling soap i had 3 kinds and by the end of it 2 of them were totally sold out!
I was shocked and overjoyed so continued to make more and expand to different products over the years.
Geekyclean was born!

Likes: Books, Tea, Sushi, Birds and Baths.

Dislikes: Getting up early, Celery, Being cold and Storms.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our domestic and international parcels are now tracked from door to door.
You will receive notifications when the item leaves us and when the item is delivered to you! this means no more missing parcels!

All of our delivery options are priced on weight bands, any parcel up to 1KG is charged the same!
That means weather you order 1 bar of soap or 5 candles, you still pay the same shipping rate!
We also offer free shipping on all orders over £50.

All our soaps are made using extremely gentle, vegetable based and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free ingredients.
Plus our soaps are highly foaming and contain lots of skin loving moisturizing glycerin while still being gentle on skin.

Yes, all our ingredients and finished products are vegan.

No, all our bath and body products are free from animal products or by products.

None of our products, are tested on animals only willing humans!
We do not purchased any ingredients from companies that test on animals.

While we aim to make our products as gentle as possible we cannot speak for everyone, if you are at all concerned feel free to contact us.